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Two podcasts from The Fresh Kisgen Show.

I, Tiffany C. Wright, am featured in four (4) back-to-back podcasts in a series on The Fresh Kisgen Show. This is standard for the show.
The title of Episode 3 (of 4), is “Recessions Are Good.”

According to the website, this episode discusses:

“When she believes they will sell the company
Why she loves making order out of chaos
Her key strategies
The biggest challenges to success
Why she wants to get back to the CEO/COO roles as quickly as possible
Why she’s not thrilled with being the “boots on the ground,” so to speak
Why she’s optimistic about the future
Why recessions are good
How the economy going well can actually be bad for businesses”

Click on the picture above or the following link to go to the show’s page,

According to a press release issued by the show,

The Fresh Kisgen Show is broken up into four bite-sized episodes per guest, giving listeners the chance to digest a little at a time if they’ve got a short commute or take in the whole thing if stuck in travel mode. The show is an audio podcast interview with an entrepreneur and covers four main areas: Pebbles in the Pond covers the guest’s start up story, with candid looks at what they did right as well as mistakes they may have made. Rocks in the River focuses on where they are at right now and what is taking up most of their time. Boulders in the Ocean paints a picture of what they see for the future of their company, whether they see themselves growing large or just staying small and focused. And finally, Clouds in the Sky wraps it all up with a philosophical look at “why” they do what they do and how they’ve grown in the process. The host, Doug “Fresh” Kisgen, is a serial entrepreneur, organizational consultant and personality expert.”
For more information or to listen to other shows in this series and others, go to The Fresh Kisgen Show.

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