The Funding Is Out There! Is Available Everywhere

The Funding Is Out There!

The Funding Is Out There! is now available in bookstores and online.

It is official!! As of October 7, 2014, The Funding Is Out There! Access the Cash You Need to Impact Your Business, is now available everywhere! You can purchase it as an ebook on Amazon, as a Nook book on Barnes & Noble, or as a hardcover or softcover on either. You can also purchase The Funding Is Out There! at Books-A-Million, more frequently referred to as BAM, at Powell Books, and at Chapters-Indigo. Whichever book store you choose to frequent, the book is available there.

Click on the icon/logo of your favorite bookstore, to be taken to The Funding Is Out There! page on the bookstore’s website.

Need a little extra incentive to click on the links? Here’s a direct, word-for-word copy of a review of the book on Amazon: “Excellent read for anyone in business. Understanding the complex world of funding becomes easy through the pages of this book. This critical knowledge is very much worth the small investment of getting this book. It is mandatory that each leader in your business have a copy to read and refer to as you apply the techniques and strategies, and align your funding direction. Because a lack of funding leads to the failure of so many businesses, get this book right away. This author really understands the competing priorities leaders face when moving up the business learning curve.” (Note, that The Funding Is Out There! has been available in Kindle format on Amazon since August 2014.)

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