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Interested in guests for your radio or podcast program? Look no further!

If you are seeking additional exposure as an author, check out the Interview Guests Directory! It purports to have the best guests for your radio, podcast or blog. Because I am listed in the directory, it must have the best guests, just as it describes! In all seriousness, this is a valuable, affordable service for obtaining exposure for your book, and the work behind the book.

Interview Guests Directory

This directory operates on two fronts. In addition to being listed in an actual online directory where those seeking guests can find you (1st front), an almost daily email full of radio and podcast programs seeking guests goes out to prospective guests, such as you (2nd front).

I’ve received emails from both fronts. I’ve just been contacted “out of the blue” from radio and podcast hosts and producers, to schedule an interview. In addition, I have directly solicited those who were seeking guests, and had them respond favorably to my solicitation. (In other words, I became a guest on the program!)

Similar to HARO or PRLeads, But for Radio Interviews

This Interview Guests Directory service reminds me of a HARO or PRLeads, in that this directory service provides you with full descriptions of what producers are seeking. It’s a pull form out outreach, where you respond, instead of a push, where you cast a wider net and hope something sticks. You can avoid the blind solicitations that are typical for approaching radio programs. In addition, the homework is done for you. Trying to find those radio and podcasts seeking business authors or business owners? Check the daily emailed list of those seeking interviewees for the very near future.

Interested? Check out the service at

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