Radio and Podcast Interviews with the Author, Tiffany C. Wright

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Ok, this photo goes waaayy back. But pull up a seat – wherever that may be – and listen in.

I have been remiss in updating the events calendar to include all of the interviews on the radio, podcasts and blogtalk radio over the last few months. Therefore, I’ve included a few of those interviews (and the links) for you to reference and link to:

On January 14, 2015 at 4-5 pm EST, 1-2 pm PST I was interviewed on the Marnie & Friends show. Marnie &  Friends provides “Practical, doable success strategies for you! When you are ready to be inspired, equipped and energized to live life to the fullest, join Marnie & friends! Training zones” include “Writing, Speaking, Media, Managing, Marketing” and more! This interview, Management Training: Finding Funding for Your Business or Idea, is now available at .

The January 31, 2015 at 6:30 pm EST Interview with Tiffany C. Wright on WAEC Atlanta, Game Changers.  This interview was recorded, but I am not posting it here because the bulk of the radio program (all but 8 minutes!) involved discussions with healthcare firm founders and a personal fitness trainer. That content is not applicable to a funding blog!

Emily Petroff and Tiffany C. Wright

Evolve with Emily

Yesterday, April 14, 2015, at 1 pm EST the interview with Emily Petroff went live on iTunes.

According to the show’s website,, “Evolve With Emily is a podcast that empowers leaders to step into their ideal life. By looking at where we have come from and accepting who we are we can transition into who we want to be, but not before. Embracing our present with plan of action gives us the courage to get real results! When someone begins to do these two steps they are ready to create their future! Creating your future empowers you to DREAM BIG and makes your truth attainable!”

Click on the picture shown below to listen live to the 1-hour interview of Tiffany C. Wright (me) with Emily Petroff on the Evolve with Emily show.


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