Congratulations to The Ohio State University!

National champions!

We are the Champions!!

Ohio State

As some of you know, I am a graduate of The Ohio State University. (Notice the scarlet and gray theme of the headings in this post.) I received a BS in Industrial & Systems Engineering from OSU. Although I was really tired of school when I attended (I had been in school since pre-kindergarten!), overall, Ohio State was a great experience. My engineering education provided the foundation for many of my further educational endeavors and pursuits. My internships provided me with early exposure to the corporate world and helped me develop a team-based working style that has served me well in all I do. (In many of my ISE major classes, we had to work on projects as teams. I also credit participation in athletics as a child and on into adulthood for the focus on teamwork.)

Tiffany showing #1 for OSU

Me, at the Ohio State – Oregon national championship game. (The game is over. OSU won!)

I have worked in many different industries – manufacturing, business services, technology -software, real estate, construction, IT, energy – and have found it relatively easy to ramp up my understanding of the underlying product or service. I give full credit for this to my engineering education. I started in mechanical engineering, then switched to industrial & systems engineering, which was a better fit for my interests. In engineering, you must understand how something works in order to make changes to it, improve it, explain it to others, or build upon it. Thank you, Ohio State, for my wonderful engineering education.


In addition, I absolutely LOVE football. Although I currently reside primarily in Ohio, I lived in Atlanta for several years (and will be returning soon). I have had so many debates about the SEC. I’ve had a huge number of SEC fans totally attempt to malign and put down the Big Ten conference and the PAC 12 conference.

I say “attempt”, because my debating skills never allowed this to occur in my presence! So this national championship win for Ohio State is a win for the Big Ten conference. And, the national championship game was a showcase of the Big Ten vs. the PAC 12. How awesome is that?


So, I say, “Congratulations to The Ohio State University” and all its other alumni and fans on a magnificent, glorious, fabulous win! This season was truly a testament to teamwork and remaining flexible and becoming stronger in the face of adversity. Thank you very, very much to the Ohio State football team for delivering this national championship and making this season a wonder to behold. And thank you so very much for giving me bragging rights just before I return to SEC country!

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