Congratulations to The Ohio State University!



Celebration after the 2014 college football national championship victory!

Yes. It has been 22 days since my beloved Ohio State Buckeyes (Big Ten conference) beat the Oregon Ducks (Pac 12 conference) to win the 2014 National Championship for Division I college football. (This detail is for all of you who do not follow college football. Although I know you are rare, you do exist!) No. I am not late. I have been intermittently celebrating the win since that night. You can check out the video and photos to know that I was there.

gold dust football celebration

All smiles after we (Ohio State) won!

Why am I posting this on my book’s blog? Well, to show you that I do more than write! No, seriously. We all need to celebrate our successes much more than we do. We drive hard to achieve our goals, including funding goals, then often immediately get back to business as usual. What is the point of striving to achieve our goals if we don’t take the time to periodically pat ourselves and others on the back for those very achievements? Celebrating an achievement for one night or one day doesn’t cut it. In addition to enjoying the process that leads to the achievement of our goals, we must also take time to revel in our success.

That’s exactly what I’m doing now!

(Click on the link that follows to watch a brief video of the celebration): IMG_0425[1]

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