5 Methods Few Owners Consider for Business Funding


5-methods-few-business-owners-consider-1-638For SMBs, finding the right mix of operating cash flow and external capital is critical for growth.

The best business funding source for a small business or medium business depends on the following:
actual size
growth stage
business structure

This presentation presents an overview of the small business financing and business funding options with a focus on five (5) methods for small business owners to pursue.

Following is a brief excerpt:

Barter/Swap (i.e., one method)

GAAP recognizes barters and swaps.
Company recognizes revenue when it delivers; recognizes expense when it takes delivery.
If you are in business, you have something to barter or swap! (Cashless)
Concern: Is there another party on the other side (of your transaction)?

Want to know more? Click through the presentation…or read the book, The Funding Is Out There!

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